Meghan Markle is ‘creature of Hollywood’, she knows ‘social media’ will pay her bills

arkle is ‘creature of Hollywood’, she knows ‘social media’ will pay her bills

Meghan Markle has a social media army protecting her from negative hearsay.

Speaking to GB News, author Tom Bower shared how Meghan is in full ‘control’ of what is said about her on the internet.

Mr Bower said: “I’m on social media, so I had the pleasure of reading their vitriol. Of course, she does. Meghan is a person who owns the narrative, that being part of the problem.

“I mean, she came to London to be part of the royal family. She couldn’t understand what she was and most importantly, she wasn’t in control of everything. And that’s why of course, she had fractious relationships with so many people.

He added: “So, I’m convinced she has a very talented staff, they’re hard-working. They know how important the brand market is. And they will be keeping in touch with what is being said.

“And with everything that’s being said, because however much people pay attention to my book, there are many people, I’m told, that love the book and the book is now number one best-seller.

“So, that can’t be of much pleasure to Meghan. So, I think she is very much in control of what is being said and she’s utterly passionate about her image.

“I mean, that is the thing that matters. She’s a creature of Hollywood. She knows that celebrity images are what earns them money.

“That’s what she must protect,” Tim Bower said.

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